At Marist College Kogarah, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mr Simon Ghantous
Assistant Principal Mrs Catherine Roebuck
Religious Education Coordinator Ms Lauren Abihanna
Leader of Teaching and Learning Mrs Kylie Watson
Leader of Student Wellbeing Mr Shane Duff
Leader of Curriculum  Mr Darren Chantler
Leader of Administration  Ms Maria Diakanastasis
Leader of Community Engagement Ms Karen Gambian
Year 7 Mrs Sonia Gomes
Year 8 Mr George Kazanis
Year 9 Mr Nathan Collins
Year 10 Mr Chris Kalodikis
Year 11 Miss Rebecca Lloyd
Year 12 Ms Rebecca Davies
College Counsellor Ms Amy Drury
English Miss Stephanie Todeski
Mathematics Mr Stuart Lemos
Science Mrs Jackie Cordwell
HSIE Mrs Talia Mortimer
TAS Mr Adrian McKevett
Performing Arts
Mr Bill Kostovski
PDHPE Mr Marc Vassallo
Vocational Education Coordinator Mr Peter Fitzpatrick
Sports Coordinator Mr Chris MacDougal
Diverse Learning Coordinator Mrs Aspasia Trajcevski