Our teachers know their students and work with them to help them realise their potential as learners. Our focus on authentic learning and authentic assessment ensures that we challenge our students to grow in their learning and achieve their personal best.

Throughout our community of Sydney Catholic schools, we have shown high performance of our students in measures such as NAPLAN and the HSC.

The college acknowledges our students when they demonstrate an ability to perform, achieve, and excel in academic activities. Students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence to maximise development of their intellectual capacities and skills as the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. As a college we celebrate the success of our students who have developed a strong capacity to learn and play an active role in their own learning, by showing initiative and using their creative abilities.

2020 HSC Ranking

  • 87 Band 6 or E4 (Band 6 equilavent) results were achieved;
  • 92.3% of courses undertaken by students at the college were above state average;
  • 24 students received an ATAR above 90;
  • Student ranked 1st in Sydney Catholic Schools in Software Design and Development

2020 college dux
The college dux for 2020 is Johnie Carino who achieved an ATAR of 98.35.

For a full list of our 2020 HSC High Achievers, please click here.